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Digital Diagnosis


The design diagnosis consists of three layers , the first is the Alignment and pixel precision layers where we identify all the anomalies and how to fix them. The second layers is the UI placement layer where we identify by user testing all the possible interactions with your platforms and propose alternatives to fix these anomalies. The last layer is more colour and style oriented where we spot all the possible turn-offs for the user experience and fix them.


The technical diagnosis starts with a full code inspection to recover all the detected anomalies that prevent you from having a good ranking in the search results , but also we add a layer for a deeper diagnosis to spot and propose solutions for any code anomalies that hurt your overall user experience.

Diagnosis Documents

After each diagnosis “Design” or “Technical” we deliver a detail document where we you can find all the problematics and also alternative ways to fix them so you can have a base of multiple choice that you can adapt as your firm can see fit the document is always composed of descriptions, illustrations , wireframes and graphs that explains in all the possible forms the diagnosis that shows you the deep skeletal scan of your digital platform.